Nike bags render the optimal fashion statement

If you are looking for a travel bag that is reliable, efficient and yet stylish at a reasonable price rate or cost, you should definitely consider the Nike bags that are creating waves in the market today. The bags from Nike have proved itself in terms of the quality as well as utility and are definitely one of the reasons for its rising popularity and craze among the people worldwide.

Choosing the right product is necessary


The market is flooded with thousands of brands that claim to be the best and offer the best deals. But in reality the scenario is totally different and there are very few brands that can actually cater your demands and requirements. A Nike backpack is considered as one of the most efficient and reliable products available in the market today.

It is your responsibility to be extra cautious and careful to be smart enough to make the correct choice. Such travelling bags from Nike are costlier and more expensive than other items available. Thus, a hefty amount of money is at stake and this is the reason why you should make your pick correctly or else the hard earned capital goes waste.

What is so special about the Nike bags for men?

  • They exhibit sheer style and fashion of the latest trends.
  • The products are made of the world class and highest materials.
  • In terms of the functionalities and utilities the bags are beyond any comparison.
  • They are reasonably priced in comparison to the high quality and standard.
  • Since they are available in variable color combinations, shape, size and design, you can select them according to your preferences and tastes.
  • The Nike bags for men are easily available in the market.

Backpack is an essential gear

Are you frequently into outdoor camping and hiking tours? You have to carry almost the entire world with you while you are experiencing the outdoor activities at some remote wild or forest. During such situations the Nike backpacks is absolutely the appropriate item that must be considered. Have you thought about this aspect?


The right Nike backpacks are important

There is no doubt that there are thousands of different backpacks available in the market but all those products are not worth the investment. It is very important to get hold of the right item that is comfortable, convenient, have enough storage spaces, light weight and not forgetting the style quotient as well. The Nike backpacks is the ideal solution. Don’t you think so?

Why should you consider the backpacks from Nike?

The backpacks from Nike are no doubt costlier and expensive than the other similar units accessible. But once you start using it, you will soon realize its importance in your life. Spending few extra bucks on such quality products are worth it especially when they are so durable and comfortable to use. There is nothing wrong in giving a try and find out the difference it can render in your life. Why don’t you give an attempt?

What’s in a Nike bag for men?

Known for its reign in the sports footwear and apparel market, the ‘Just Do It’ brand Nike has not been less successful in its accessories either. Nike has not been limited only to shoes and apparel, but its bags, watches and other gear products are also a hard competition to other similar ones in the industry. Coming paragraphs would give a glimpse of what Nike has brought for us in ‘Bags’.

Types and shades


Nike showcases an approximate figure of 83 below categorized backpacks –

  • Training/sports backpacks
  • Gym sacks
  • Travel backpacks
  • Sling/Shoulder bags

Nike has been a specialist in sports bags and has come up with a choice of around 12 prominent colours for its customers.  Hence, men can choose from a dark to a bright colour matching their purpose of usage and personal style preference. Starting from an athlete, student and a teenager, there is a lot for each one.

Nike for each sport

To help the customers choose their type of bags, Nike has further classified them sport-wise. It definitely helps a person to save time quickly going to his/her section of sports and pick their type of item. Backpacks can be picked for any purpose starting from running, jogging, playing golf, cricket, football and many more. This way, Nike has invested a lot of brain in putting right type of material and design as per each need.



This is a section which is always reached with a higher pulse rate, but Nike helps bring that to normal, by giving a very wide and affordable price range. Once can find his/her type of backpack starting from a rough price of Rs. 1,200 to a Rs. 5,000 (Indian market figure; $14.97 to $170 in US market). For the entire package of material, design and comfort that Nike offers, it’s a very nominal price to pay.  Despite of the variation in price, the style and comfort is found equally among all the categories of backpacks. Hence, one can confidently pick any of his/her choice and need.

What makes Nike ‘The Nike?’

The gloss, finish and the ease of handling is brought to us by the unique material-mix. Each Nike backpack is made from an intelligent layering process as per its prevalent use. Nike bags are majorly light-weight, water-resistant and tough. Loads of zipped pockets to easily keep all genera of items are edging feature. There is a lot to choose from the range of backpacks it provides.

Customize your Nike backpack

After all the above options of choosing your own backpack from a long list, if someone still wants to add more to it, Nike has that option as well. One can put own colours, tags, straps and pockets as per individual need and statement. Although in the customization category, Nike offers around 5 designs, when providing a personalization choice is a rare-to-find factor in this product category.

With the inimitable blend of design, luxury, panache and price, Nike backpacks are an undefeated service provider in the category. So, one can go confidently, choose or design own backpack and flaunt with the unique one.

The Styles of Nike

It just starts with a simple need to carry all you have to take along while heading towards the sports ground. But it’s not as simple a thing as it sounds. To write in a layman’s language, size of your bag, the volume it can hold, the durability it showcases and the brand aura it carries plays a major role in choosing the right bag for yourself.


Nike identified all the possible needs a sportsperson can have starting from putting all the right things in the correct place in your bag, carrying it along and bringing it back with everything in place as such.

Listed here are the main categories of bags and backpacks Nike has designed to not leave any gap between the brand and the customers.

Let’s get started –

Duffel bags

Also knows as gym-bags, these are used in training purposes. They are designed in a way that they can carry almost all sort of equipment one needs to carry to a gym. Having done the research about all the possible instruments one can use in a gym place, these Nike duffle bags are created with a huge voluminous capacity, with an extensive interior

Tote bags

They majorly fall under Women section due to their design. They show an extensive variation in colour and shapes, to serve all the carry needs of women majorly. They look both sporty and professional but despite of serving multiple purposes, they are quite affordable starting from as low as $7 to a highest of $294 in US markets. The material is also not kept consistent as there is no primary need of carrying heavy weight stuff in these. They are more used for less space and style. Nike Tote bags are well-designed to serve the less purpose they are ask for.

Golf bags


Heading towards a golf course you have multiple choices to choose the sack in which you want to carry your sticks and other items. Here are a few of them -

-          Hybrid carry bags: They include well-spaced compartments, durable material to keep the instruments inside integral and intact. They show a lot of pockets to provide extra space, organized zips and a metal stand to take the entire load with ease. As they are need-based bags and not used for most of the other carrying purposes, they come in less colour variants and are moderately priced.

-          Collegiate: Their physical appearance resembles that of the Hybrid carry bags but they are different in a way that they have less pockets and not a complicated chamber to deal with. They have capacity to handle volume, have metal stand to give a cushion and manage horizontal space but they are lesser priced as compared to the Hybrid carry bags for the reason of having lesser features.

Travel covers

If your requirement is not of fitting a lot of equipment in a bag, and want to provide a vertical shield to your long-shaped instrument, this might be something made for you. As they are not massively used on a large scale, the colour variants are very less in this category as well but they are highly priced due to the cost of making and utility.

Messenger bags

This bag is made in the replication of Tote bags but for men. They are available in lesser colours but do the basic job of carrying small items very well. Due to the size being smaller as compared to the regular bags and due to non-water-resistant and less durable material used they are low priced.


Imagine a college going youngster! The shape of bag that comes in your mind the first flash is what we are talking about. We call them Sling bags. Nike Sling bags are popular for the bright and glossy colour variants they come in. Starting from a stylish one-shoulder look to a shiny appearance, Nike Sling bags are one-stop solution for High-School goers and college youth.


Nike has intelligently designed each of these categories to fit in each requirement and if there is anything else that’s not been served in any of the above categories, a new Nike bag is already under process.

The Making of a Nike Backpack

Nike puts each of its bags under a lot of innovation and brainstorming before creating each one. Unlike most of the other similar market players who make a generic product, launch it throughout the way it’s designed and market in a generic way for all. Nike bags are not just designed in a focused way but launched selectively and marketed accordingly.


Let’s take a detailed look at the making and distribution of a Nike bag.

Idea to initiate

Nike maps out the geographies and their sub-locations. The purpose of this exercise is to firstly take out all the different locations where Nike wants to launch their bags, but also to categorize close by locations to club the designs of the bags. The logic behind this is that each location has a different lifestyle, different way of dealing with day-to-day things and hence the use of bags and backpacks is also related.

As an example, if a location has less population density and has a particular segregated group in terms of religion, caste or creed; the possibility of sports being widely played would be less. This analysis beforehand helps in designing the best demanded bag.

Mapping the sport

It involves checking out the presence of all the possible games and training habits of the people in the geography under study.

Classification – All the prevalent sports after being listed are further segregated gender-wise, usage-wise and frequency-wise.  Let’s take an example of India. If Nike has to launch men bags in India, it would do a detailed research on all the possible sports being played in the geography.

Listing requirements – As a next step, it would come up with all the minutest requirements of each of the sport and the sportspeople. On the basis of those, each Nike bag would be planned to be designed. If one sport needs heavy equipment to be carried, Nike bags would focus on putting extra cushions to the straps and making the bottom panel strong. The Nike Roller bags are one such example.


Shapes and sizes – Based on the most prevalent use of the sports bags in the marked geography, and after listing out all the possibly clubbed sports items within the bag, the size and volume of the bag is designed.

Emotional Sport

Nike doesn’t merely target the sales figures of the bags and backpacks in the area by designing a style appeal; but targets the emotional psychology of sports people as that is a long-lasting field of interest and easy to create loyal customers to Nike.

Promotional Edge

Nike bags were promoted as sports centric, and projected their investing time to develop sports and not the product and business in itself. Nike bags are developed on the basis of their utility as well as keeping trend statement in mind.

Nike also brought the customization option under the name of ‘NIKEid’, wherein a person can sit back at home, check out the bags on internet, design or make changes as per choices and finally be the proud owner of a Nike.

Launch and Distribution


On top of everything, Nike bags are launched keeping in mind that the product should stay in need for a consistent period and not on a seasonal basis. It should not just enter but stay in mind as the one-stop shop for all sports’ needs.


Nike bags are intelligently thought, created and distributed to take the best out of the needs created, to serve to those needs in return and staying undefeated market leader as well.